Using The Logo

When using the Periscope logo:

  • The minimum size of the logo should be 24 pixels tall, and the empty space around the logo should be at least 2x the size of the logo itself.
  • Do not change the colors of the logo.
  • Do not display the logo in any other color. If you are working within a monochromatic framework, use the black-and-white or outlined versions of the logo, available above in Asset Downloads.
  • Do not use old versions of the logo.
  • The logo mark can be used by itself or with the logotype.

When using your Periscope handle in print or broadcast, we recommend doing so by using the Periscope logo locked up with your user handle as shown below:

To maintain the standard of the Periscope brand, spacing between the logo and usernames or text needs to be precise.