Editorial Guidelines

Our editorial guidelines are designed to help guide you when writing about Periscope, including the different parts of the mobile and online Periscope experience as well as our voice and tone.

About the App

When speaking or writing about Periscope, here's a guide to talking about our app, features and broadcasters:

  • Broadcast - A Periscope broadcast is the video created when someone goes live. A live broadcast becomes a replay once it's ended, and is available to watch indefinitely or until
  • Broadcasters - People around the world that share live moments on Periscope is our community of broadcasters. You'll see us refer to anyone streaming live as a broadcaster, not user.
  • To broadcast, periscope or scope - the verbs associated with sharing live video on Periscope.
  • Home Tab - The home tab is the first tab in the app with the TV icon and displays recent broadcasts from accounts you follow and those that are featured.
  • Global Feed - The global feed is the second tab in the app with the globe icon and is where you can see what's happening live. If you're using Periscope on iOS, you can also search for broadcasts, browse global broadcasts on the map or see featured channels in this tab.
  • World Map - For those using Periscope on Android, this is the third tab and allows you to search for live and replay broadcasts by location on the map. If you're on iOS, this available on your global feed tab, where you can switch between the world map and global feed.
  • Broadcast Tab - For those using Periscope on iOS, the broadcast tab is the third tab in the app with the camera lens icon and is where you go to start a broadcast. When you start a broadcast, you can share your location, broadcast privately, moderate comments and share your broadcast to Twitter. For those on Android, you can start a broadcast from your home tab or the world map.
  • People Tab - The people tab is the fourth tab in the app with the three person silhouette icon and is where you can find new members of the community to follow and can see trending and featured accounts.
  • Hearts - When viewing a live or replay broadcast in the Periscope app, you or your audience can send hearts by tapping the screen to show love or support for what’s featured within the broadcast - it's our own version of a round of applause. Periscope hearts flutter from the bottom to the top of the screen. You might even see some of our custom hearts pop up in your broadcast if you're share a live moment that enables a custom heart - look out for these from @PeriscopeCo on Twitter.
  • Comments - When viewing a live broadcast, you or your audience can comment or ask questions to the broadcaster. A comment appears at the bottom and scroll up as more comments are posted. If you see a commenter you'd like to follow, click on their comment which allows you to view their profile. From there, you can follow their broadcasts.
  • Teleport - If you're using Periscope on an Android device, you'll also see the “teleport” option which allows you to jump to a live broadcast - anywhere in the world. On iOS devices enabled with Force Touch, the teleport option is available if you press down on the app icon.
  • Group Comment Moderation - Live video moves quickly, so our team thought of a unique way to approach comment moderation that happens at the speed of the broadcast. If someone in the audience is posting comments that you'd like report as abusive, tap their comment and hit “report comment”. Once you report the comment, a jury is randomly selected and others within the jury will be asked if they agree that the comment is abusive. Occasionally, you'll be asked to vote if a reported comment is abusive vote to help silence the potentially disruptive person in the audience.
  • Highlights - Highlights is a short trailer of key moments that took place within one or a set of broadcasts. They are only shown on replay broadcasts and can be anywhere from 3-2 seconds long. You'll see highlights appear in your home tab, searches and profiles.

Voice and Tone

Periscope's voice is human and speaks to the worldwide community of broadcasters that share live experiences every second of the day. As the platform that popularized live video, we want to help educate everyone on live video and how it helps inform and educate on breaking news events, connect us to niche communities and watch people doing incredible things.

Periscope's voice is:
  • Human
  • Approachable
  • Truthful
  • Curious
  • Educational

When you hear from Periscope, we hope our communication sounds like a conversation with an everyday person, not just a company. Our tone will most often be straightforward with a personal touch, but you'll see moments that warrant a more serious approach.