Naming Applications, Products, or Domains

When creating a product, app, website, or other service that uses or interacts with Periscope, use a unique name, logo and design that can’t be confused with the Periscope brand. Do not incorporate the Periscope marks in full or in part. You should not apply for any trademarks or domains that include the Periscope name or any other variations of Periscope that could be confusingly similar.

Other things to know about the Periscope brand and trademarks:

  • The Periscope marks should not be used on any merchandise or tangible goods.
  • Please do not use the Periscope logo in your avatar on any service.

By using the Periscope marks you agree to follow this policy as well as our Terms of Service and all other Periscope rules and policies. Periscope reserves the right to cancel, modify, or change the permission in this policy at any time at its sole discretion and without notice. It’s important that you regularly check this site to ensure that you’re correctly using our brand assets. For further information about use of the Periscope name or trademarks, please contact